Alabama Coastal BirdFest 2005

Photo Album

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Guide Roger Clay talks to visitors as
the Estuarine Queen is about to
leave the dock at
Weeks Bay Reserve

Most BirdFest tours travel to birding
sites by chartered buses.

Thursday night's reception welcomed nearly
150 people to the Gulf Coast
Exploreum in Mobile.

Guests enjoyed the BBQ
& Seafood Social on Friday
night at Nix Center in Fairhope

During his presentation, Bobby Harrison
showed a slide of the field drawings
that he and Tim Gallagher did
after first sighting an Ivory-bill woodpecker

Bobby Harrison gave three presentations
about his part in the rediscovery
of the Ivory-bill woodpecker

The Outdoor Alabama booth
was a popular attraction

A visitor looks over displays in
the huge tent filled with exhibits from
the Alabama Department of
Conservation and Natural Resources

Building birdhouses with
Home Depot

A bright display of bird feeders
from Wild Birds Unlimited

Mike Groutt with the US Fish & Wildlife
Service awaits his next visitors

Artist Mary Chmielewski's
decorative bird houses
were a big hit

Expo visitors look over scopes and
binoculars on sale from
McCoy Outdoors

Scouts from Mobile troop 271 check out
birdhouses made by students at
AIDB, the Alabama Institute
for Deaf & Blind, created in cooperation
with WildPaths, a program of
Alabama Wildlife Federation

Mark LaSalle with Mississippi Audubon
talks with a visitor about Operation
Backyard Recovery, a project to
help restore backyard birding
habitats for areas along the
hurricane-hit Gulf Coast.

Carol Lovell-Sass of Biophilia Nature
Center attracted a crowd with her
displays on caterpillars, butterflies,
and natural backyard habitats

Walter Ernest talks to visitors
about the work of the
Weeks Bay Reserve Foundation

Artist Bill Harrison takes advantage
of the beautiful day to work
on a painting of a heron

Young visitors take a 'dry run' in a kayak
from Fairhope Boat Company and
Mobile Bay Canoe & Kayak Club

Dr. Robert Hastings always draws a crowd
of young and old to his talks
on Alabama snakes

A family enjoys the beautiful day with
a picnic on the grounds of the
Bird & Conservation Expo.
The young girl in the orange apron
had just built a bird house with Home Depot

A wary but willing teen gets friendly
with a ray, one of many sea
creatures in the Marine Resources
giant touch tanks

Kids leap up to answer questions about
water conservation and
quality during an exciting
game of Water Jeopardy

Ospreys by the dozens were spotted
(but were difficult to photograph!)
on the Weeks Bay boat tour

James N. Hurtubise, Pastry Chef and Facilities
Manager for the Faulkner State Community
College Culinary Arts Program poses with
his creation along with Dr. John Borom,
president of the Mobile Bay Audubon
Society and Director of FSCC Fairhope, and
Dr. J.V. Remsen, Thursday night's
guest speaker.

A solid-chocolate Ivory-bill woodpecker was
created by James N. Hurtubise, Pastry
Chef and Facilities Manager of the
Culinary Arts Program at Faulkner
State Commuity College.

On the prowl for birds at Fort Morgan

Birders hike through the grass to
flush out small birds at Fort Morgan

Birds weren't the only creatures
seen on birding tours!

Dr. Remsen listens to a question
from the audience.

Dr. J.V. Remsen, Curator of Birds at
Louisiana State University in
Baton Rouge, spoke on his
involvement in the search
and discovery of the Ivory-bill
woodpecker in Arkansas.

Table decorations on Thursday night were fun
and clever birdhouses made by students in
the Arts Bridging Creativity program of
Fairhope's Eastern Shore Art Center

Home Depot's birdhouses building
booth was packed throughout the day

John Borom presents a special
plaque to Bob & Martha Sargent
with the Hummer/Bird Study Group

Nix center volunteers await shoppers at the
merchandise table on the first day of BirdFest

BirdFest volunteer Amy King
hands theregistration packets
and tote bag to a visitor. As they did
last year, Degussa Corporation
supplied all registrants
with canvas tote bags.

BirdFest 'nestkeeper' Fran
Morley checks in two visitors during
Thursday morning's registration
at the James P. Nix Center
in Fairhope, Alabama

Guests look over the artwork, bird &
nature books, and other items up
for bids during the BirdFest Silent
Auction, which raised nearly $3,000
for bird habitat preservation